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Block campaigns for some carts

By default the cart recovery plugin tracks all carts, and sends out campaigns to all carts that enter the recovery process. Sometimes though you might not want to send campaigns to some users. For example if you have some users who are wholesale customers that you don’t want campaigns to go to. The latest version […]

Display recovered purchase values

The latest release of the Cart Recovery for WordPress plugin features some updates to the reporting, making it even easier to see the value of the orders that you’re recovering. The status page now shows the total value of orders recovered in the last 30, and 90 days as headline stats for your store: Stats […]

Create urgency with timed discount codes

Creating urgency is a great way of helping you convert sales. Cart Recovery Pro not only lets you create dynamic discount codes for each recovery email. Those discount codes can now be  time-limited – creating a sense of urgency around customers converting their sale. When you create your campaign, just set the duration that you […]

Auto apply discount codes in abandoned cart emails

Our Pro add-on allows you to generate unique per-customer discount codes – perfect for your cart recovery emails. As these codes are unique and auto-generated, they can be a little un-friendly, for example: DISCOUNT-7226DF27 DISCOUNT-8EEADDA9 The latest update makes takes this pain away, and makes the process even smoother for your customers. They no longer […]

Capture emails on add-to-cart

Back in our first ever release, carts were only ever captured if your user made their way to the checkout process, and entered their email address. This is as far as many cart recovery solutions go. However later versions of Cart Recovery for WordPress brought some improvements for logged in users. Carts were captured as […]

View details of abandoned carts

The core Cart Recovery plugin for WordPress provides an at-a-glance summary of your abandoned cart recovery campaign: The Pro version goes even further providing you with details of all of your abandoned carts. For each cart you can see: the customer’s email their basket contents the status of the cart (pending, recovered, in recovery, lost) their cart […]

Abandoned Cart Recovery for Restrict Content Pro

The latest release of Cart Recovery for WordPress integrates with Restrict Content Pro out of the box, meaning you get all of the standard abandoned cart recovery features for your membership site.

Theming cart recovery emails

While  the Cart Recovery for WordPress plugin let’s you easily edit the content of your recovery emails online using WordPress’s standard editor, you may occasionally want more control over the layout of the email. Perhaps you have an existing email template that you want to use to fit in with the rest of your store email […]

Abandoned Cart Recovery with Easy Digital Downloads

See how to get abandoned cart recovery emails up and running with Easy Digital Downloads and Cart Recovery for WordPress

Discount codes in cart recovery emails

Include dynamic one-time discount codes in your cart recovery email campaigns for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and WP e-Commerce stores.

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