Want to offer your customers discounts, but worried about generic codes being shared around? Our Pro add-on lets you generate unique per-customer discount codes for each email that goes out.

When you’re setting up your campaign you can use the special replacement tag {discount}. When your campaign is triggered, the plugin will automatically generate a unique, one-time use discount code, and replace the code details into the email.

So, this:

Take 10% off your order with the code {discount}

gets automatically turned into:

Take 10% off your order with the code TEMPTING-2FD7EF1B

The 2FD7EF1B part of the code is unique to a single customer – each email that goes out will have its own unique code.

You can specify the discount code settings when setting up your campaign, a fixed amount discount, e.g. $10, or a percentage discount.

You can even specify a prefix that will be used at the start of each of your codes – we used TEMPTING in the example above. This can make the codes friendly to customers, and if you use different prefixes for different campaigns can let you see at a glance which campaign was responsible for which code use.

Screenshot of admin page for setting up dynamic discount codes.

The discount codes are manageable within your store as normal, whether it’s WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or WP e-Commerce. Each code is set to be usable just one time – helping you avoid giving away needless discounts from discount code sharing sites.

With the pro add-on, discount codes can be configured for each campaign separately, so you can choose to only include discount codes in some of the campaign emails, e.g. only provide a code in the last email.

Alternatively, you could provide different codes in different emails, for example a 5% off code in the first email, and a 10% discount in the final email.

Discounts offered in recovery campaigns are seamless for customers. They don’t need to type in the codes, or copy and paste them. If the customer clicks through from an abandoned cart email that contains a dynamic per-customer discount, then the discount code will be automatically applied to their basket.