Including discount codes in your abandoned cart recovery emails can be a great way of getting a sale completed. There are a couple of different options for including discount codes:

  • fixed discount code
  • dynamic discount codes

Fixed discount codes

When you’re using the Cart Recovery for WordPress plugin you have full control over your email content, so it’s easy to add in fixed discount codes like this into your campaign email:

Screenshot of fixed discount codes in recovery email

Obviously you can be as creative as you want here – working the code into buttons, images or banners in the email for best effect.

Using fixed codes like this has its advantages:

  • easy to set up – just create the code in your store, include it in your campaign text and you’re done
  • you can  track how often your code is being used by reviewing it in your store’s admin area

It can have some disadvantages though. Fixed discount codes like this tend to get shared on discount sites, with potentially anyone able to take advantage of the code even if they’ve never had an abandoned cart, and would have been happy to complete the purchase at full price if a code wasn’t available.

“Hey everyone, did you know you can get 10% off at Acme Inc. using code WELCOMEBACK!? “

Dynamic discount codes

The best way to avoid discount-code sharing is by creating unique, single-use codes for each customer. Even if a customer does share the code – it can only be used once.

Fortunately this is something that Cart Recovery for WordPress Pro makes a breeze. When you’re setting up your campaign you can use the special replacement tag {discount}. When your campaign is triggered, the plugin will automatically generate a unique, one-time use discount code, and replace the code details into the email.

So, this:

Take 10% off your order with the code {discount}

gets automatically turned into this – with a unique code per customer email:

Take 10% off your order with the code TEMPTING-2FD7EF1B

Find out more in our article about Unique discount code generation in abandoned cart emails.