The core Cart Recovery plugin for WordPress provides an at-a-glance summary of your abandoned cart recovery campaign:

Screenshot of recovery status page

Abandoned cart recovery overview

The Pro version goes even further providing you with details of all of your abandoned carts. For each cart you can see:

  • the customer’s email
  • their basket contents
  • the status of the cart (pending, recovered, in recovery, lost)
  • their cart value
  • when the cart was created, and last updated

Abandoned cart details

The Pro version also includes export functionality allowing you to export these details to a CSV file for integration with other systems.

You can also drill into each cart to see the full record of the customers interaction with your campaign, with all of the following recorded:

  • when their cart was captured
  • which emails were sent, and when
  • when / if the customer clicked back to their cart
  • when / if the customer unsubscribed

Drill-down on interaction history of an abandoned cart

Get Cart Recovery for WordPress Pro

  • This feature works with our WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP e-Commerce, and Restrict Content Pro integrations.
  • This feature requires Cart Recovery for WordPress Pro.