Our free plugin allows you to send a recovery email for any abandoned carts. Campaigns are triggered automatically thirty minutes after carts are abandoned and are personalised to the user’s basket.

Every email can include as little, or as much detail as you want from the user’s shopping cart contents – making it easy for customers to click right back into checkout and have their cart filled straight up with the relevant products.

You’re fully in control of your email campaign. The plugin comes with responsive HTML emails, and default content – all editable within the plugin settings.

A wide variety of tags are included letting you drop in the cart details, links back to checkout, and unsubscribe links. If you want the emails to fit even closer with your store’s branding you can even override the default templates with your own HTML email template.

Cart recovery for WordPress Pro allows you to send a sequence of emails. Set up multiple recovery emails, each with specific timing to maximise the chances of converting your abandoned carts.