Back in our first ever release, carts were only ever captured if your user made their way to the checkout process, and entered their email address. This is as far as many cart recovery solutions go.

However later versions of Cart Recovery for WordPress brought some improvements for logged in users. Carts were captured as soon as the user added an item to their basket, using the logged-in customer’s existing email address details.

However, that still leaves many users who aren’t logged in, and never reach the checkout process. The latest release of Cart Recovery for WordPress Pro offers a great new feature to address this final case.

Cart recovery for WordPress Pro

Introducing “email capture on add-to-cart

As soon as a prospective customer adds a product to their basket, they’re prompted with a dynamic pop-over dialog to “save their cart” by entering their email address:

Add-to-cart email capture for abandoned cart recovery.

As soon as the customer provides their email address, the cart details are captured, and you have everything you need to include those prospective customers in your abandoned cart recovery emails.

Check it out on the video demo below:

  • This feature works with our WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP e-Commerce, and Restrict Content Pro integrations.
  • This feature requires Cart Recovery for WordPress Pro v1.6.0 or higher.